BHPB is in a joint venture partnership with other fossil fuel giants to build an industrial gas processing facility at James Price Point, north of Broome in the Kimberley region of Western Australia.

The development of heavy industry and a deepwater port on the pristine Kimberley coast would have severe local impacts in the middle of the world’s largest Humpback whale nursery, and facilitate wide scale industrialisation of one of the world’s last unspoiled areas.

Coal, uranium, bauxite and copper mining companies are lining up to develop their projects in anticipation of approval being given for the industrial gas site.

According to a recent United Nations global study, northern Australia including the Kimberley has the most pristine coastline in the world after the polar regions.

The north Kimberley is one of the very few regions in Australia to have no recorded native animal extinctions since European settlement. There are viable alternative sites for processing the gas from the Browse field and BHP Billiton has a responsibility to withdraw support for a ‘greenfields’ site on the Kimberley coast and explore other technically and economically viable sites.

Indeed, BHP Billiton Petroleum chief executive Michael Yeager has previously stated that BHP Billiton is concerned about the choice of James Price Point because there are existing LNG plants elsewhere on the Western Australia coast that could be used instead.

Renae Williams, Kimberley campaigner, The Wilderness Society