Dharawal is one of the few coal mine proposals in Australia to be stopped

The Dharawal is a wild area of swamps and streams forming the pristine headwaters of the Georges River, just at the southern and south western edge of Sydney in New South Wales, Australia. It is habitat to endangered and vulnerable species and has many significant and hidden aboriginal sites.

There has been a long fight by local communities and environmentalists against BHP Billiton’s proposed $360 million Bulli Seam project, a longwall coal mining operation. Longwall mining causes surface subsidence, rockfalls, fracturing of riverbeds, draining of swamps and streams and water pollution. Such damage would be catastophic for the streams, landscapes, species and recreational values of Dharawal.

Fortunately Dharawal is one of the first coal mine proposals in Australia to be stopped. A significant win for those who have campaigned hard against BHP Billiton but one to still keep an eye on in the future.

Sydney Morning Herald, Saturday 8 January 2011
O’Farrell shuts out mining colossus