Once a year, the board of directors of the world’s largest mining company meet in London. Be there to…

WHAT: The Annual General Meeting of BHP Billiton
WHERE: Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre, Westminster
WHEN: Thursday Oct. 20, 10am

Plus, on Wednesday Oct. 19, there will be a public event with special guests to talk about BHPB’s operations around the world.

DETAILS: BHPB Teach-in. Oct 19, 7pm to 9pm. Room 1, Upper Corridor, Houses of Parliament
Featured guest: Julio Cesar Gomez, President of the Federation of Communities Displaced by Mining in La Guajira, Colombia

WHO is BHP Billiton?
BHPB is the world’s largest diversified resources company and produces coal, oil, gas and uranium. It made record profits of $23.6 billion over the past year and is listed on the London Stock Exchange.
Why Protest BHPB? BHPB makes a massive contribution to worsening climate change and is creating deadly radioactive pollution for hundreds of thousands of years to come. Meanwhile, its operations contribute to and benefit from the involuntary relocation of communities and the destruction of rural communities’ livelihoods.